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Hello everyone, I’m writing this article to share with you my excitement and my concerns. We live in one of the most spectacular countries, hundreds of islands, nice weather and delicious food. But there is a reverse side of the coin that you probably don’t know. The Philippines have one of the highest obesity rate in the world! I have three good reasons to address this subject today. Firstly, I studied nutrition in college, which means I am not new to the subject. Secondly, I am a mum to three kids, who wants their children to grow happy and healthy. Thirdly, I am a woman, which means I want to be attractive no matter what.

The obesity and excess weight have become a serious problem in Philippines. This is no surprise. Our national diet and modern life style are probably the key factors. We eat delicious but rich food and we tend to move less, especially the younger generation.

Back in college where I was studying nutrition and dietetics we had to deal with several cases. Back then, I learned that although excess weight has different origins the body metabolism has a crucial role in how fast we burn our calories. Our lifestyle and the quality of food we eat are very important as well. This is not difficult to figure out, you’ll say. But what is harder to do is to pause, think and change our eating behaviour. In our hectic world not many of us have the luxury to look back and to analyse. There’s too much things to deal with, to much stress and food is too good to count calories. After all we deserve a reward.


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When I was studying ways how to fight obesity and overweight in collage, this task seemed very challenging to me. It involved an important personal determination, physical effort and professional help. Thankfully, things have changed today.

Not only the life pace speeds up but also does the science. The recent supplements developed by leading specialists of the industry allow offsetting the consequences of poor eating behaviour and modern life style.

Although there are many products claiming to be able to provide quick and efficient slimming, personally, I am a strong supporter of Green Coffee diet.

What is Green Coffee? They are beans of the regular coffee with the only exception of being unroasted. One of the recent scientific studies allowed revealing powerful fat burning properties of green coffee. After these properties were confirmed by clinic trials, many pharmaceutical companies put the green coffee fat burner on the market in various forms. Personally I believe that lesser processing is better for human body. That’s why I prefer green coffee beans.

As a nutritionist, I can’t help bringing some facts forward:
Chlorogenic acid is the key ingredient of green coffee and this is why green coffee has incredible health and slimming benefits. This substance totally changes the way how our body handles blood sugar and metabolism. This miracle ingredient, which is the corner stone of the green coffee diet for weight loss prevents us from converting sugar into lipids and also from stocking fat. It is also very efficient in accelerating the metabolic processes in the body.

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Benefits of green coffee

Not only Green Coffee makes you look more attractive and alert, it also has important health benefits namely on blood pressure and liver. However, keep in mind that Green Coffee remains coffee, which means that recommended dosage must be observed. Be careful as overdosing might also lead to drastic weight loss.

For having used green coffee for weight loss myself and recommended it to all those who often come to me for a piece of advice, I have no problem to affirm that Green Coffee diet really works regardless gender, age and life style of the person.

I really hope that my testimonial about the efficiency of Green Coffee will help those willing to pass from the overweighed camp to the fit one. If you don’t change your eating habits and lifestyle you can at least watch your weight with this natural product, which is Green Coffee.

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6 thoughts on “Green Coffee Philippines”

1. Maricel says:

30.10.2016 at 13:41

I really hope Green Coffee will help me! I work on a resort in Cebu Island. Many Westerners come here. They look so fit. I talked to one guest and she also recommended me to try Green Coffee. She says it has a very good reputation in Europe. I’ll give it a try. I’ll buy green coffee beans as soon as I get my monthly wage.

2. Mary Ann says:

31.10.2016 at 15:40

I can’t believe our nation is among the most overweighed! Pettiness used to be what Filipino girls were known for. Such a pity that now we are fatsos.

3. Jocelyn says:

01.11.2016 at 10:15

Apparently it’s true. I see many chubby people around me. I hope more people will learn about Green Coffee and regain their slender figure. I used Green Coffee bean extract myself and lost 12 kilos in 4 weeks. It was a year ago. I stopped drinking it as soon as I achieved my target weighed and I never regain an ounce of fat.

4. Janice says:

01.11.2016 at 20:01

I can’t say anything about Green Coffee bean extract because I used unprocessed green coffee beans but I must say I managed to shed 6 kilos in 10 days. Although my weight is now ideal, I keep drinking it, just in case, and especially because I like the taste. It keeps me energized through the day.

5. Jennifer says:

02.11.2016 at 11:44

Where can I buy green coffee beans? I suppose I’d better avoid street stalls…


6. Michelle says:

02.11.2016 at 13:35

I bought my Green Coffee on line. I was recommended a website of a licensed supplier selling high quality product.



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